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Young Actors Program

Film Acting Classes for 8-16 year olds. Learn more >>

Certificate in Film Acting

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New Services for All Actors

Very affordable Headshots.
Video-Recording of Monologues & Scenes (Directed by FABA Faculty) for Demo Reels.
VideoTaping of "Sides/Scenes" (Coached by FABA Faculty) for electronic-submission to Film & TV Casting Directors (often referred to as "Self-Taping" when you cannot be at an audition in person).
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FABA Classes In Person!

Our Actual In-Person FILM ACTING CLASSES are starting on July 6th, 2021. Classes will be held on Tuesdays from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and Saturdays 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
For more INFO and ENROLLMENT, Please contact CELIK KAYALAR at:
They're for All-Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

For YOUNG ACTORS (Age-Range: 8 to 16), please contact BRIAN D. SCOTT at:

One of our actors in the Young Actors Program, MYLES BROWN recently booked and shot a national TCL Tablet for Verizon commercial in Los Angeles! was also cast in the short film "Bento Box" shooting in the Bay Area soon. Myles has been studying with Brian D. Scott for about a year and is currently taking classes online.

Our FILMS (DNA; UNMASKED; ONE EL CAMINO; CLOSING) and popular WEBSERIES (THE TRAFFICK) continue to win awards and accolades at Film Festivals and on the Internet (CAST: all FABA Student-Actors).

DNA screened at LONDON LIFT-OFF Film-Festival, Online in December. UNMASKED will screen at BERLIN LIFT-OFF Film-Festival, Online in February. Both, written & directed by Celik Kayalar (FABA's Director and Instructor of several of its classes). CAST of both films: all FABA Student-Actors.

Prominent Casting-Directors and Talent-Agents from Hollywood regularly visit FABA to conduct Educational-Workshops, as well as to sign and represent our Student-Actors in Los Angeles (while they can continue to live in the Bay Area). In the last year alone, five of our adult and four of our young Student-Actors achieved representation by these three major Talent-Agencies in Hollywood: ELEV8; Eileen O'Farrell; MadCatch Entertainment.

In addition, top Talent-Agencies in the Bay Area represent our Student-Actors, largely based on their acting-training they receive at FABA: Marla Del Talent; Nylo; Look; Boom; JE Talent, Stars.

Recent FABA-FILMS DNA; UNMASKED, and CLOSING played and won Best Short Film and Best Acting Awards at several Festivals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and London (Written & Directed by Celik Kayalar, FABA's Director and Instructor of several of its classes).

ONE EL CAMINO played in October at a popular San Francisco Festival (Directed by Brian Scott who teaches FABA's Young Actors Classes). It also won a 2020 Western Alliance Video Excellence award in February in Monterey. The CAST of all these 4 films, above, were FABA's own Student-Actors.

Former FABA-Students JAZLYN YODER and CHIDO NWOKOCHA who moved to LA just a few years ago are making splashes in Hollywood, getting cast in major-roles in prime-time TV-Shows and Movies (Chicago P.D.; Chicago Justice; A Dark Place; Tyler Perry's SISTAS)

FABA's hit WebSeries THE TRAFFICK, Season-3 is out! 5 new Episodes can be watched on YouTube. Cast: All FABA Student-Actors. Written and Directed by Celik Kayalar: FABA's Founder & Director; Instructor of several ongoing FABA classes.

FABA co-production feature-length film "TAKING LIBERTY" is now on Amazon. Written, Directed and Produced by Cary Silberman (he is also an accomplished Actor, playing "Bruno" in FABA's THE TRAFFICK). Almost all the roles in TAKING LIBERTY have been cast among FABA Student-Actors.

FABA Short-Film "ASCENT. ABYSS. APOCALYPSE" will play at SACRAMENTO INT. FILM FESTIVAL on Saturday, April 28th at 1pm. Written & Directed by Celik Kayalar (FABA's Founder & Director). His "LAYERIST" paintings are also featured in the film (painted on multiple-canvases attached on top of each other, surfaces of which are cut and torn, revealing the layer beneath. This is a novel style of painting invented by Kayalar in 1989).

FABA alumna ALIYAH TURNER co-star in the new TV-Series "UNSOLVED" on the USA-Network (which premiered Feb 27th, 2018). She is represented by the prestigious "Momentum Talent Agency" and "Nelson Management" in Los Angeles. Aliyah studied film-acting with Celik Kayalar at FABA before being accepted to UCLA's undergraduate acting-program in 2016 (one of 18 accepted among the two thousand applicants nationwide). She still studies with Celik at FABA on her breaks from UCLA.

Through our ongoing Film Acting Classes at FABA, 3 of our Student-Actors, LEA ROBINSON and NADIA LATIFI, (studying in our Adults Program with Celik Kayalar) just got signed by the prestigious Los Angeles Agency: EILEEN O'FARRELL TALENT MANAGEMENT, and FRANKIE DRENIK (studying in our Young Actors Program with Brian D. Scott) recently signed with the equally prestigeous LA MANAGEMENT INC. While these FABA students-actors continue to live in the Bay Area, they will be represented in Hollywood/Los Angeles for movies, TV and commercials by these agencies.

FABA-Actors in a major Movie, FOURTH MOVEMENT, premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival on Saturday, Oct 7th (10pm). Please read more at the cineSource Magazine (online).

Young FABA Acting-Student MARIN MATTESI (14 years old) is now an accomplished Filmmaker, too. Her short-film "Reflection" she wrote, directed and acted in will play at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Marin studies with Brian D.Scott in FABA's Young Actors Program.

FABA short-film "CLOSING" played at the Sacramento Int. Film Festival in April and won the prestigious "Media That Matters" Award. It stars all FABA Student-Actors. Written and Directed by Celik Kayalar (Founder & Director of FABA).

FABA alumni JAZYLN YODER was featured in a supporting role in both "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Justice", two prime-time hit NBC Shows, in their season-premiere on Wednesday night, March 1st. JAZLYN studied film-acting at FABA, with Brian D.Scott for 3 years straight, before moving to Los Angeles 2 years ago.

FABA alumni CHIDO NWOKOCHA was a guest-star in NBC's prime-time show "The Night Shift" on Thursday night, July 13th, 2017. CHIDO studied film-acting with all of the FABA faculty for 2 years before moving to Los Angeles.

The Young Actors Program produced a short film that appeared in the 6th Annual BCM Summer Shorts Filmmakers Challenge. It can be seen at Compass Concept.

Our Feature Films

Moonlight Sonata by our Program Director Celik Kayalar. Learn more
Nominated. Feature film starring our Associate Director Brian D. Scott with multiple FABA students in featured roles. Learn more

Short Films

Featuring our Acting Students, directed by our Faculty or by our Student Directors during various Classes and Workshops at FABA. Learn more >>