Casting Opportunities

Our unrivaled Classes and Workshops provide our Acting Students of all levels extraordinary Casting Opportunities in Movies, TV, Internet and highly-paid Commercials.

Writers & Directors who take them vastly improve their existing Scripts and advance their skills to work with Actors toward superior performances. Their collaborative work often leads to highly original and successful short and feature-length Films, TV and Internet-based Projects of all kinds.

Professional Directors, Producers, Casting-Directors from all over San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Student Filmmakers (from Ex'pression College, Berkeley Digital Film Institute, UC Berkeley, Academy of Art University, Berkeley City College, SF Art Institute and other schools) enthusiastically seek out and work with our Acting Students in record numbers in all their projects, and often with good pay.

Through our popular, online casting service Post to Cast, as well as live Auditions and direct castings that we arrange, we're continuously facilitating this highly productive collaboration between our Acting Students and all these accomplished and talented Professional and Student Filmmakers, on an ongoing basis. This results in the building of our Acting Students' professional Demo Reels and Resumes in record time.

Our unique Industry Showcase Class provides our advanced Acting Students the unprecedented opportunity to meet and sign with the top Talent Agents in the Bay Area. We are the only acting school in the country that provides this service & opportunity to its students. In the last year-and-a-half alone, 9 of our students signed with two top Talent Agencies in San Francisco: Maaika Westen with JE Talent, and Nika Ericson, Ashana Andrews, Alex Hero, Erica Luttenegger, Greg Cala, Ria Pullin, Rick Lasquete and Mia Perez with Stars.


For example, students at various programs at the Ex'pression College make about 200 short, narrative-films a year that require actors. They produce many cutting-edge commercials and music-videos as well. Our Acting-Students are offered high priority to audition for all these projects and therefore have unique opportunities to gain practical experience on film-sets.

Filmmaking students at the Berkeley Digital Film Institute nearby produce numerous short-films, commercials and music-videos on a continuous basis, and they're casting our Acting Students at FABA in all their award-wining projects. See a sample of their impressive work

Feature-length Films for Theatrical Release

Many of our Faculty produce films and give priority to our own Acting Students in their castings. Together with outside Film-Directors, Producers and Casting-Directors who regularly turn to our Acting Students for their casting needs for various Movie, TV, Internet and Commercial projects (often with good pay), our Acting Students are getting exceptional casting opportunities for the simple reason that they are studying in our program.

Recent Examples

Moonlight Sonata

Award-winning feature-film written, directed and executive-produced by our Program Director Celik Kayalar (13 Film Festival acceptances and 4 prestigious awards since March 2009).

22 of the acting students who studied with our Faculty had speaking-roles with pay in this movie. To read more about "Moonlight Sonata" and watch its short trailer, please log on to:

Blue Voyage

Celik's next feature-film "Blue Voyage" is currently in pre-production. He will be conducting extensive auditions soon for all the major and minor roles, giving higher priority to casting Acting Students enrolled in our classes.


Feature-film starring our Associate Director Brian Degan Scott features 7 of our Acting Students cast in speaking-roles with pay. To get more information and watch a trailer, please visit film website or IMDb website.


Feature-film by Dante Oliviero, featuring 5 of our Acting Students in the lead and major supporting-roles (currently in production in the Bay Area).

Its about time!

Feature-film by Alicia Guess, featuring 4 of our Acting Students in major roles (currently in production in the Bay Area).

Commercials & Industrials

To cite one example, Barbara Murray (CEO of Left Coast Productions) has cast more than 70 of our Acting Students in highly-paid roles in her corporate-videos she has produced and directed for several major companies including AT&T (and, she plans to do so in the future).