Industry Showcase

Talent & Casting Agents visit our class

"Industry Showcase" Class: Twelve of our most advanced Acting Students are selected and rigorously trained for 5 weeks in interview, commercial and monologue techniques for Talent Agencies. Headshots & Resumes are worked on and improved, as well.

On the 6th week, top Talent & Casting Agents in the San Francisco Bay Area are invited to visit our class to meet with and watch the performance of our Students. The visiting Agents all give feedback and advise on these performances and the Headshots & Resumes they've been presented with. This invaluable feedback then provides our Students an extraordinary opportunity for applying to various Talent Agencies for representation, in the coming weeks.

"Industry Showcase" Class is offered once a year. The enrollment in it is by invitation only by our Program Director Celik Kayalar who selects from among the most advanced Acting Students at FABA. Celia Shuman has taught it, in the last four years, with extraordinarily successful results for our Students. We are the only acting school in the country that provides this opportunity & service to its students.

In the last two years alone, 13 of our students signed with two top Talent Agencies in San Francisco: Maaika Westen and Steve Nichols with JE Talent, and Ian Campbell-Jones, Chidozie Nwokocha, Serena Lee, Nika Ericson, Ashana Andrews, Alex Hero, Erica Luttenegger, Greg Cala, Ria Pullin, Rick Lasquete and Mia Perez with Stars.