Young Actors Program


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Teacher working with kids in classOur Young Actors Program is an in-depth and comprehensive training program for students in the age-range of 8-16 (3rd-11th grade). It is designed to train young actors for acting on-camera, in films, tv, webisodes and commercials.

Students can enter the program at any level, based on their prior training and experience. Their entry level will be determined by consultation with the instructor. All core classes are offered on an ongoing basis and can be joined anytime. Students will be readily assimilated into the class and start making progress towards superior performances from the day they join.

Casting Opportunities: All our young students in the program, after completing their first eight week session, will be eligible for the unique and extraordinary casting opportunities our school provides in movies, tv, webisodes and paid commercials.

Throughout the year, films written specifically for the students will be filmed in class, edited and submitted to local film festivals. Complimentary copy's of the films will be made available to all the students in the cast for their own records and demo-reels.

Classes offered

  • Young Actors Workout (Saturdays & Sundays)
  • To enroll, please visit our Enrollment page or call 877-663-4561 (877-ONFILM1).

    Young Actors Workout (8 weeks)

    This class meets once per week for three hours and is designed for all levels of students: beginner to advanced.

    Utilizing the whole available space at our school ( 2400 square feet, consisting of several large, very comfortable and modern classrooms ) and under the tutelage of our Associate Director, Brian Degan Scott, the young students will be rigorously trained, in a safe and fun environment, in all aspects of Acting for Film, TV & Commercials.

    Rehearsing and performing short scenes, on-camera, that are appropriate for their age and level of experience, students will make steady progress towards becoming young professional actors who can readily be employed in the industry.

    Sometimes all levels will train together in joint exercises and scenes, learning from each other's experiences, and often in separate spaces but in close proximity.

    Beginning students will learn the foundational aspects of on-camera acting, including character development, basic script analysis, improvisation techniques and scene study.

    More advanced students will work on scenes with greater depth and intensity of character. Some of their scenes will be videotaped by professional digital cameras, and the footage generated will be provided to the students so that they can incorporate them into their demo reels in order to submit to various talent agents and casting directors.

    The class-work will be recorded with digital cameras on complimentary thumbdrives which will be given to the students for their own records and viewing.

    Class time:
    Saturdays, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
    or Sundays, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (this class is currently full. Please select the saturday class or call to be put on a wait-list)
    These classes are ongoing and can be joined any time.
    Instructor: Brian Degan Scott
    Tuition: $400

    Prerequisite: None

    For more information, please email Brian D. Scott at:

    Enroll Now
    Payment options: credit/debit card, check, or cash.

    For more INFO, please contact our program director Celik Kayalar at:, 510-559-0154